Updated 22/04/2023 - 2.1


No Spamming

-We do not allow spamming. 3+ identical or very similiar messages in a short burst of time will be considered as Spamming.

No Flooding

-We do not allow flooding. 10+ of the same characters or just gibberish will be considered as Flooding.

No Excessive Use of Capitalization

-We do not allow excessive use of capitalization. Using caps for more than 4 words in a row or 15 characters can be considered as Excessive use of Capitalization.

No Being Disrespectful

-This rule is self-explanatory. Do not be mean or disrespectful towards other players. This includes any discriminatory language such as the N Word.

No Harsh Words

-We do not allow using harsh words. Harsh words is a word or phrase that is generally considered obscene, vulgar, or offensive. This also includes Racism.

No Advertising

-We do not allow advertising. Advertising is an attempt to recruit players to a competing server by giving out the Discord Link, Server IP or Server Name.
Tip: Do not click a link that does not go to a trusted website. It is probably an IP grabber.

No Harassment

-We do not allow harassing other players. No spamming disrespectful comments, revealing personal information, and so on.

No Misleading Information or Hoax

-We do not allow spreading misleading information or hoaxes. Misleading information is incorrect information given to an eyewitness following an event. For example, Type ALT+F4 to get extra each.

No server criticism and suggestions are allowed with insults. We strive to make LuckyNetwork the best. Please respect each other since LuckyNetwork exists because of you or the community that was built. Therefore, we need your support in the form of criticism and suggestions, not in the form of a server insult.


Farm Killing

-Any form of kill farming or stats farming are strictly prohibited and will lead to a punishment.

Team Griefing

-Team griefing on purpose in a Team Mode is highly prohibited! You are not allowed to troll your team mate too! This makes no fun for your teammate.

Approved Modifications

Bug Abuse

-Do not use bugs within plugins or Minecraft itself to your advantage e.g. duping.

Trading Game Items with Real Life Money

-You cannot sell in-game item and LuckyNetwork in-game account using REAL LIFE MONEY. You can use the in-game balance instead to do item trade.

Inappropriate Skins, Capes, or Minecraft Usernames

-Do not use inappropriate images on your skin or cape. If your nickname is inappropriate, the ban cannot be lifted. You will need to change your nickname in order to play again. But, you cannot avoid normal ban using this way. You will recieve another ban instead if you do this.

Ban Evading

-Ban evade is where you use different account(s) to avoid a punishment on any of your account, and it is NOT ALLOWED.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

-VPN extends a private network across a public network and enables users to send and recieve data across shared or public networks.


-You are not allowed to impersonate staff, famous, or other players. Just be yourself!

Third Party Programs

-Any use of Third-Party Program to either gain an advantage over other player or to disrupt other player is not allowed.


-In a gamemode that is not Player vs Player (PvP) based, any way or idea to TP-Trap people is not allowed.



-If you agree to a deal and one person fulfills their end, you have to fulfill yours.

Account Selling

-You are not allowed to advertise or messaging people that you are selling accounts. This is basically the same as Advertising.

Rank or Account Reselling

-You are not allowed to resell your rank or your LuckyNetwork account to another player.

Donator Ranks

-After purchasing any ranks from our server, you cannot refund it. If you break the Rank Regulation, we have the right to terminate your rank.

Rank Migration

-You are allowed to transfer rank withing 1 month after the past transfer. You are not allowed to transfer rank to any account except your account. NOTICE: Stats, Item, In game Money, etc will not be transferred

Account Giveaway

-You are prohibited to transfer your rank or account to different player other than yourself.


NEVER TELL or GIVE your password to anyone including staff member. We never asked for your password. If you found someone asking your password, please report it immediately. Lending or giving your account to someone is very dangerous.

We will not take any responsibility if something happened to your account. You account will be compromised if we find anything suspicious. You are not allowed to SELL OR TRADE your account to anyone! This will result a ban and revoke of the rank.

Rules may change all of a sudden! To get information about new rules, please read this rules once a month! For staff application, you cannot apply nor will be accepted if you break the rules above!